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Organizational Development Improved Team Effectiveness

The Challenge

Declining employee morale, conflict within and between workgroups, and employee performance problems led a newly appointed Division Manager of a Federal agency to seek the help of TATC Consulting’s Organizational Development practice.

Our Approach

After an initial meeting to obtain background information from the Division Manager, we began work on the project.

Phase 1: Assessed the Situation

  • Administered the Campbell Organizational Survey (COS) to all staff
  • Interviewed all 25 staff members and supervisors
  • Met with EEO staff and union representatives

The assessment identified the following key themes:

  • Employees were strongly committed to their work
  • Work group supervisors were seen as having an autocratic leadership style and poor listening skills
  • No sense of teamwork within/across work units
  • No accountability for completing necessary paperwork
  • No regular communication from supervisors/managers to employees
  • Only a moderate level of trust in the Division Manager.

A summary of the assessment was reported back to senior management and to all staff in a series of feedback sessions.

Phase 2: Designed and Conducted the Intervention

  • Established a staff-based “Process Improvement Committee” (PIC) to develop recommendations for changes in work processes
  • Provided individual coaching to senior leaders and supervisors on leadership styles and effective communication and feedback
  • Led a series of team-building and training sessions with staff focused on communication processes, conflict management approaches, and preferred work styles

Results Achieved

  • Recommendations for revised work systems developed by the PIC were approved by senior management and implemented – resulting in cost efficiencies and time savings
  • Measurable increases in morale and intra- and inter-group cooperation
  • Supervisors and managers began a program of regular communication with their staff
  • Managers and staff experienced a reduction in their work-related stress